Australian Bushfires impacting deliveries

Most would be aware that many regions of Australia are currently being severely impacted by bushfires. These are causing great hardship, and in some cases terrible tragedy, to many people and their properties. The fires are also placing a tremendous strain on resources and have an impact on road, rail and other transport infrastructure.

In addition to extending our sympathies to all people either directly or indirectly impacted, and our heartfelt thanks to those volunteers and professionals fighting these fires, we ask our customers for patience as we attempt to fulfil and deliver their purchases.

Current Transport Advisories

02 Jan 2020

According to The Department of Fire and Emergency Services, Eyre Highway - the only sealed road linking Western Australia and South Australia - will be closed for at least 5 days, as firefighters battle bushfires which have destroyed more than 148,000 hectares around Norseman.

We will provide updates as further information comes to hand.

Thank you for your understanding.