Intercooler Hoses and Pipe Kits

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Don't wait until you're stranded on the side of the road or worse, half way along an adventure trail

Just found out your old OE style rubber intercooler hose has given up the ghost? Take the time to upgrade to a SAAS Silicone Intercooler or Airbox hose - they're often a fraction of the cost of a genuine replacement, and an absolute bargain should you ever have the misfortune to be stranded.

Multi Ply Laminate Construction

Depending on application, our silicone hoses feature a minimum 5 ply laminate and are reinforced with a robust polyester weave between each layer. With a wall thickness of up to 7mm, our hoses provide protection against pipe bursts, flex and/or collapse and are recommended with any performance upgrade to your engine.

Fluorosilicone Protection

We've also introduced a FVMQ Fluorosilicone lining to the majority of our intercooler and airbox hoses. Easily identified by the distinctive red colour on the inner bore, flurosilicone is an advanced elastomer with its origins in the aviation industry and exhibits excellent properties for oil resistance, amongst other benefits. This gives our silicones hoses an even greater advantage over conventional OE style rubber hoses that deteriorate more rapidly due to exposure to oil misting, EGR and crankcase residues.

Custom Kits Available

Our hoses are also available in full kits - these are inclusive of all related hoses (based on vehicle/engine type) and a worthwhile consideration to carry as a spare. Cheap insurance! It should also be noted that 99% of our individual intercooler and airbox hoses are also supplied with our premium stainless dual bead hose clamps. Superior clamping with the added protection of a rolled double bead that won't cut into your hoses.