Product Lists

SAAS Boss Kit Application Listing

Listing of currently produced SAAS Boss Kits including cross references. Note that all of our boss kits suit our own SAAS Steering Wheels in addition to MOMO, Nardi, GT Performance (with the use of an adaptor) and numerous other brands.

S-Drive Throttle Controller Application Listing

If you have a "fly-by-wire" accellerator and you're wanting to improve your vehicle's throttle response, then the Trax by SAAS S-Drive is your piece of kit. Find out if we have your vehicle covered here (and we're adding to the listing all the time...)

SAAS Pillar Pods Application Listing

We produce Australia's best finished Pillar Pods - 100% ABS plastic, OEM fitment quality, and in most cases, made right here in Melbourne, Australia. Find your fitment here...

SAAS Dash Gauge Pod Listing

Not only do we do Pillar Pods, but we also produce Dash Mounted Pod Kits - some in-dash, some on-dash, and most made right here in Melbourne, Australia!

Trax by SAAS Forged Wheel Spacers Application Listing

We've released a range of high end Forged Aluminium Hub Centric Wheel Spacers - stabilise your steering and positively locate your 4WD rims. For off-road use and wider track applications, please refer to our product application guide.