About Us

SAAS Automotive is an Australian aftermarket icon with a rich history dating back more than 60 years.

SINCE 1954

Since 1954, SAAS has been supplying the Australian Automotive Aftermarket with high quality accessories and the name evokes fond memories in just about anyone who has tinkered with or personalised their automotive pride and joy.

Ironically SAAS’ first product started life as a custom wood rimmed steering wheel for a craftsman’s boat. Such was the fit and finish of that first wheel that other boat owners were soon wanting to enhance their own marine crafts. And, shortly thereafter, those same owners wondered whether or not a custom wheel could be manufactured for their road vehicles - a legend was born. As homage to those humble origins, we still produce a hub adaptor to allow the fitment of our steering wheels to a marine craft!

The popularity of the brand was no doubt cemented in the 1970’s and 1980’s through its motorsport associations and a quick glance back through images from Bathurst and other events sees any number of vehicles adorned with a SAAS steering wheel or the drivers seated in one of our competition racing seats. Perhaps our most famous association was with Allan Grice who was often seen wrestling his race car around the track, hands gripping a SAAS steering wheel - and that very same wheel was available to every enthusiast who promptly fitted out their Torana, Monaro, Commodore or Falcon. We have always been most proud of how SAAS has evolved with people’s desire to personalise their vehicles and we manage to stay relevant by introducing new and updated wheel styles whilst preserving the links to our rich heritage.


We’ve always sought to introduce new and exciting products to our range and this evolution is evident in the array of products listed on our website. We’ve built a solid reputation with our range of wheel lock nuts designed to not only protect your investment but to look great doing it. To compliment the locks, we introduced a range of high chrome wheel nuts - these have now been expanded to cater for the burgeoning 4WD market.

And it’s in that growing 4WD market where we continue to shine. Whether it be one of our beautifully crafted Pillar Pods, our range of premium forged hub-centric wheel spacers, Australia’s best Diff Breather kits or one of our new electronic Throttle Controllers. If you’re a 4WD enthusiast, then we’re working to give you a selection of best-of-breed accessories that have no peer.


SAAS is determined to be a leader in the Automotive Aftermarket - if we can’t always be first, then we will always attempt to be better. And that includes us still developing our products right here in Melbourne, Australia. With selected ranges we still prefer to produce locally and we’re confident there aren’t too many distributors who can put their hand up for that!

We’re also proud of our association with some of Australia’s premier retailers who stock our products and support our Brand. Equally as important are all of our customers who continue to seek and demand quality - we do not rest on our laurels and this is only possible with your continued support.