New Release - Muscle Oil Pressure Gauge (Lower Max Pressure)

Historically all of our Oil Pressure Gauges have been calibrated to read between 0 - 140 psi, however customers have mentioned that in many engines, this leaves the needle working in only the first 3rd of the gauge. In response to those comments, we have released a Muscle Series I gauge calibrated to a maximum of 100 psi.

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This subtle change means that even in engines with popular aftermarket Hi-Vol/Hi-Pressure oil pumps, the needle will now be reading in the "ideal" range: the second 3rd of the dial. "12 o'clock" on the gauge face now equates to 50 psi, a pretty solid reference point for most modern engines.

Be aware that as this is an entirely new calibration, we have also introduced a matching replacement sender, specifically for this gauge range. As in all of our gauges, a full suite of available replacement spares is listed against every gauge part number on the website. A sample of the spares listing for this new SG-OP52B1 gauge is listed below.

Of course, we will still carry the traditional line with 0 140 psi calibration. See a complete list of our SAAS Pressure gauges

Series Muscle Series I
Body OD 52mm / 2"
Range 0-100psi
Lighting LED Multi-select 4 Colour
Type Electronic
Bracket Mounting SG31005
Sender Oil Pressure SG31002B
Sender Thread 1/8" NPT
Sender Adaptors List Adaptors
Wiring Loom SG3130
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