New Release - Hub Centric Rings

Can a small ring of ABS plastic really make a difference?

If you've fitted a set of aftermarket wheels to your car or 4WD, then there's every chance the answer to that question is a resounding, "Yes"!

Most manufacturers of aftermarket wheels are trying to cover as many bases (and vehicle fitments) as possible. To do this, the wheels will often have a larger centre bore than the variety of vehicles they are designed to fit, and are more likely to be "stud-centric" rather than "hub-centric".  Often the stud holes are also slightly elongated ("slotted") so getting the wheels to balance and rotate truly is often a compromise. This can result in wheels running slightly out-of-round and lead to wheel shake and/or vibration, often felt through the steering wheel.

Put your wheels back in the round

Made from durable corrosion resistant ABS plastic, SAAS Hub Centric rings help positively locate your wheels against your wheel hub. They are also ideal if you're fitting wheels from a different make of vehicle that perhaps shares the same Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD) and stud pattern but has a larger wheel hub bore size. By measuring your wheel's bore diameter, and your wheel hub's outer diameter, you can see if we have an application to suit.

Fitment is simply a matter of either sliding over your wheel hub or inserting into your aftermarket wheel's bore.

Available Sizes

The following table is a summary of currently available SAAS Hub Centric rings. You can also jump in and buy them here.

SKU Outer Diameter Inner Diameter
SHR100671 100mm 67.1mm
SHR100931 100mm 93.1mm
SHR104100 104mm 100mm
SHR106100 106mm 100mm
SHR108100 108mm 100mm
SHR110100 110mm 100mm
SHR696669 69.6mm 66.9mm
SHR731541 73.1mm 54.1mm
SHR731561 73.1mm 56.1mm
SHR731601 73.1mm 60.1mm
SHR731669 73.1mm 66.9mm
SHR731671 73.1mm 67.1mm
SHR731696 73.1mm 69.6mm
SHR731707 73.1mm 70.7mm


Other 4WD Options

If your application is specifically 4WD and you've landed yourself  a flash new set of rims, then you might be needing a little more than our Hub Centric Rings. For off-road use and wider track applications, consider using our forged aluminium Hub Centric Wheel Spacers. Click on the image to browse our wheel spacers.

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