New Release -Oil Catch Cans

Not all Oil Catch Tanks are created equal.
SAAS Automotive are excited to release the latest addition to our extensive range of Oil Catch Tanks, 4 new Billet Aluminium purpose- and multi-fit units that encompass form and function.

The ST1012: Billet Aluminium Black Anodised to suit LS1 engines
The ST1013: Billet Aluminium Polished Finish to suit LS1 engines
The ST1014: Billet Aluminium Black Anodised for multi-fit application
The ST1015: Billet Aluminium Polished Finish for multi-fit application

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Why use an Oil Catch Tank?
Every internal combustion engine by nature acts as a massive pump. As a result, your engine's crankcase creates positive pressure which results in oil blow-by, and this oil-infused mist needs to vent somewhere - and not straight to atmosphere. Traditionally, this is handled by the PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) system, a process that routes the oil-mist back through the engine's air intake for burn-off during combustion.

Great in principle, but what often happens is a build of sludge over time that can foul EGC valves, intake manifolds and runners, glaze pistons and cylinder walls and reduce the efficiency of your engine.

The solution: Fit a SAAS Automotive ST1012/3/4/5 Series Oil Catch Tank.

Not just any old's what goes into these SAAS Automotive Catch Tanks that sets them apart.

Fully Baffled
Anyone can build a bottle, plug in a couple of pipes and call it a catch can, but you should pay attention to the detail inside. These SAAS Automotive catch tanks feature a fully baffled 2-stage separation system to provide a first-pass extraction of oil from the crankcase ventilation.

40 Micron Bronze Filter

The last stage of filtration is via a 40 micron sintered bronze element ensuring the cleanest possible output returned to your engine. Removable, Washable, Essential.



Whether the LS1 specific tanks, or the multi-fit option, you're afforded a massive range of adjustability. These tanks feature a raft of fitment features including:

  • Unique 360deg swivel outlet
  • 270deg pivot on inlet
  • Laser profiled Stainless Steel mounting brackets
  • Dual lip hose barbs
  • Properly sized, Hoses securely fitted. Too many other imitators supply their tanks with under-sized hose fittings which could lead to pressure build up at the hose. Our SAAS Automotive Oil Catch Tanks feature 14mm barbs and match our Oil Catch Tank hose fitting kits

Drainage outlet

Our SAAS Automotive Oil Catch Tanks feature a drainage tube and tap for relieving the tank of residual build up. Alternatively, you can plumb back into your sump to provide a fully contained system.


Hex-machined reservoir
The tank's reservoir can be removed for emptying and/or cleaning and features machined edges for wrench grip

Whether you own a Performance vehicle or a 4x4, petrol or diesel, turbo or normally aspirated, these SAAS Automotive Oil Catch Tanks prove a valuable addition and stand above the competition.

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