SAAS S-Drive Throttle Controllers and New Car Warranties

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  • Who is SAAS Automotive?

    Since 1954, SAAS has been supplying the Australian Automotive Aftermarket with high quality accessories and the name evokes fond memories in just about anyone who has tinkered with or personalised their automotive pride and joy.

    We're still going strong, and still leading the Automotive Aftermarket with new and innovative products.

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  • Our Team Members are here to serve you

    We are proud of our Team Members and we are all committed to providing you with the best possible service. From our field staff to our phone sales team, our dispatch and warehouse crew to the Managing Director, we're all extremely enthusiastic about carrying the brand heritage into the future. Find out more about our team members


  • Where can I buy SAAS Products?

    SAAS Products can be found in all major Australian Automotive Aftermarket retailers and selected New Zealand outlets.

    We also know that on occasion it might be difficult to find our products in your home town, so we're happy to be able to serve you through our website. Feel free to browse, ask us any questions you may have and we'll be glad to assist in any way we can.


  • I bought my goods online - when will they be shipped?

    All orders received by 2pm AEST weekdays (AEDT during Daylight Savings) are dispatched the same day.

    SAAS Automotive endeavours to have all the products listed on our website in stock and ready to be picked and dispatched by our warehouse team. The only exceptions are those that are flagged "Out of Stock” or “Pre-Order”. The latter denotes an item that is currently out of stock, but an expected shipment is arriving shortly.


  • What is SAAS Automotive's warranty?

    All of our products are fully covered by a warranty. If you are experiencing issues with your purchase, please refer our Installation guides located under the Resources section to first establish if there are any installation issues.

  • SAAS S-Drive Throttle Controllers and New Car Warranties

    Will fitting a SAAS S-Drive affect my vehicle's new car warranty?

    No. Vehicle manufacturers are required to fix manufacturing faults on vehicles during the defined warranty period. The fitment of quality accessories and vehicle upgrades does not affect this obligation unless it can be proved that the modification caused the fault.
    SAAS Automotive has undertaken extensive testing and quality control work to ensure its products meet the highest possible standards. SAAS Automotive warrants all S-Drives against any manufacturing faults with a Life Time Warranty ( For Original Purchaser )

    Will fitting a SAAS S-Drive affect my insurance?

    It is strongly recommended that you advise your insurer of any modification(s) made to your vehicle.