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Australia and New Zealand's best valued fully featured Throttle Controllers

Whether you're looking to improve your fuel economy, towing ability or simply to have a more responsive throttle feel, the Trax by SAAS SAAS-DRIVE Electronic Throttle Controller is about the best bang-for-buck accessory you can find. Suitable for a range of 4WD 4X4, Performance and Passenger vehicles.


  • Simple Plug'n'play installation (does not require access to OBD ports)
  • Mode select button for easy switching between modes
  • Sensitivty adjustment for on the fly tuning
  • Light Sensor - changes display illumination based on ambient light

We are now in an era of fly-by-wire accellerators. Most vehicles have a built-in delay between the time you press on the accellerator pedal and the time it takes for the signal to be relayed to the engine's throttle - This lag is by design, but not necessarily by desire.

SAAS Throttle Controller all harness and plugs

Putting YOU in Control

The Trax by SAAS SAAS-DRIVE can reduce - and in some vehicles totally eliminate - throttle lag by giving you the ability to adjust the throttle's sensitivity. But it's not all about a faster response! With 5 distinct driving modes to choose from, the Trax by SAAS SAAS-DRIVE can be adjusted to suit any driving style by offering:

  • Comfort mode
  • Sports mode
  • Performance mode
  • Eco mode
  • Original (OEM) mode

On The Go Adjustability

The Trax by SAAS SAAS-DRIVE features on-the-go adjustability with 4 of the 5 modes available at the touch of a button. What this gives you is the perfect fit for towing trailers, boats or caravans - you simply toggle between Comfort and Performance modes to combat that steady incline, and then settle back into Eco mode for those long flat highway stretches.

SAAS Throttle Controller Mode Select

Simple Quick'n Easy Installation

Hard to believe, but you can have these modes available to you in around 10 minutes with the Trax by SAAS SAAS-DRIVE's plug'n play installation. To see just how easy it is to fit, please download a set of Trax by SAAS SAAS-DRIVE Installation Instructions here.

SAAS Throttle Controller Plug and Play Installation

Expanding Application Listing

With the increasing use of fly-by-wire throttles in modern vehicles, our range is continually expanding.