How to test your boost sensor

In this quick SAAS tech tip we show you how how to troubleshoot and test your boost sensor with a simple hand pump.

01 February 2022

New Release - Triple Gauge Pillar Pods

Three (3) Gauge Pillar Pods now available for Australia's best selling 4WDs. If you own a KUN Series Toyota Hilux, or GU - Y61 Nissan Patrol, then we have just the ticket for adding gauges to your ride. Read on for more details...

29 April 2019

New Release - SSH4201 Nissan Patrol Induction Pipe Upgrade

Finally! A superior upgrade for your Nissan Patrol GU ZD30 Turbo Induction Pipe - no more leaks, cracks or failures with the SAAS Silicone SSH4201

24 April 2019

New Release - Nissan 200SX S14 Pillar Pod

You asked for it! Australian Made Dual Gauge Pillar Pod for Nissan's iconic S14 200SX - perhaps the most popular drift car out there... SAAS SGP4402

10 April 2019

New Release - Hub Centric Rings

Why SAAS Hub Centric Rings? To perfectly centre your aftermarket wheels to the vehicle's wheel hub - this aids in reducing vibration and steering shake and can eliminate the need for "over-balancing" your aftermarket rims.

30 March 2019

New Release -Oil Catch Cans

Not all Oil Catch Tanks are created equal. SAAS Automotive are excited to release the latest addition to our extensive range of Oil Catch Tanks, 4 new Billet Aluminium purpose- and multi-fit units that encompass form and function.

20 March 2019

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